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[01] General Rules

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[01] General Rules Empty [01] General Rules

Post by Gokuatruehero Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:45 pm

- Please be active. If you don't think you can be dedicated to at least doing something once a week then this RPG is not for you. Inactive members will be removed after about a month of no activity.

- One account per house. If we notice that IPs of different characters are the same, we will suspend both accounts until we find out why. We do grant exceptions to this rule but must be contacted before the second person joins.

- Please do not spam the forums. Spamming includes any posts that are shorter than 1 sentence, have annoying pictures or links, advertising, derailing topics, or posting general nonsense that does not contribute to the discussion.

- Do not post nudity on the forums. Whether this be in picture form, video form, or in the form of a link to a site that contains it.

- Respect all other members at all times. Remember, this is a game provided to people so that they may have fun. You do not have the right to rob someone else of the fun they might have. This rule broadly covers everything from trolling/flaming to racism.

- Do not argue with staff. Listen to what they have to say. They are wise. If you do have a problem with something the staff has done, send a PM to an Admin.

- No cheating. Cheating includes editing your profile without approval, editing your profile inappropriately, and editing other characters profiles at any time. This will warrant with an instantaneous ban as this is a taboo among taboos and will result in an instantaneous ban. Get banned like this twice and you will be remanded from the RP forever.

- If you have a problem with another member or a staff member, try to talk to them first. If it cannot be resolved between you two, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Do not post your problems on the board because it will only cause more problems. Contacting staff will ensure that your conflict is resolved.

- Since this is an RPG, role-playing is a big part of the site. It is not mandatory to role-play frequently however you must role-play at least once every couple of weeks to remain an active status.

- No sexual content allowed. Obviously this can be bended to some degree but keep it to a PG-13 level and it should be fine.

- When role-playing, do not control or kill off other characters or site-made NPCs without permission from that character or a site administrator (in the case of NPCs).

- Profanity in role-plays and directed at other characters is allowed. Profanity out of character and directed at other members is not allowed.

- When role-playing in battles, remember that you are not God so you should not God-mod nor auto-hit your opponent. It would not be fun if you were to simply shrug off hits repeatedly. Auto-hitting is defined as role-playing that you hit your opponent with an attack before they have a chance to reply or defend themselves. It is always wiser to "attempt" or "aim" a strike.

- You are demanded to put the link to your character profile in your signature. This helps us all in very good ways and is beneficial to the community.

- You can have a max of three characters at a time. If I start seeing a lot of messed up crap occurring as for characters, then sanctions will be dealt and it will get ugly.

- A character can only be in three topics at the same time. We're gonna be a bit lenient with this as you can be on any planet in the RP. However, you can only be in one Event Topic at a time so don't get any ideas.

- Should you ask another player if you wish to RP, then the requester has to make the topic. Its a sign of courtesy instead of being an actual rule.

- Moderators/Admins must be fair and balanced in their judgment. If there is a problem then it is up to Moderator/Admin to explain why he or she made their decision. If this explanation does not satisfy the character who has the problem, this character may ask that a second Moderator/Admin of their choosing be brought in to oversee the rest of the battle.

- Moderators/Admins cannot void battles. Once a battle has started, there will always be a winner and a loser. If one of the parties involved has not posted for 72 hours, without notification of a legitimate reason, they will automatically lose the battle (the winner must have posted three times since the last response)

-In case you haven't noticed, you should be aware that staff members are a bit prone to anger. Piss one of them off, and you might find yourself in a bad place.

- If you have a problem, please PM one of the staff members (preferably an Admin) regarding the issue. The staff will work to get the issue resolved in a satisfactory manner:

First offense (if minor) a warning will be issued. If major offense, 1-3 day suspension. *
Second offense will result in another warning or a 1-7 day suspension if major. One of the fights your in might get sabotaged to your opponent's favor by an act of "Divine Intervention"
Third offense will result in a 1-30 day suspension.
Fourth offense is an account ban when appropriate.

- After a suspension or ban is dealt, the staff will deliberate on it the next few days. In deliberation, the issue is carefully looked at. The punishment can then be lifted, shortened, or upheld.

*Admins may ban even for a first offense if severe enough.

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