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Joshua Myles Lim

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Joshua Myles Lim Empty Joshua Myles Lim

Post by Pegasis MSUV 777 Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:30 am

Name: Joshua Myles Lim
Alias/Nickname: Myles
Age: 12
Month and Day of Birth: August 12
Place of Birth: Maxan Metroplex
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: A 12 year old boy who is almost 5 feet tall. His body is large compared to people his age. He has some Chinese descent and a little of Spanish descent from his parents. His hair is spiky but eventually goes down throughout the course of the day. He frequently has a normal blank expression.
Attire: Plain white clothes with long pants and torn rubber shoes but when he is relaxed he wears sporting shorts instead of long pants. He seldom wears his glasses - he got one from an incident and will wear it when he suffers a headache because of strained eyes. when he travels, he brings his backpack with beys in it.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Hot-headed once but cooled down a bit. He is not a bad sport and is not afraid to lose. He always strives to win or do his best with his bey. He is 50/50 between being serious and being happy. He pushes himself to the limit and strives to be the best. He occasionally tries to find a shortcut to what he is doing, which leads him to use some attack types. He enjoys doing math problems, especially word problems. He analyzes his opponent and tries to find their weak spot. He plans ahead of them. He loves card games very much.
Character trait: Arrogant
Weaknesses: Overexertion of energy, lack of bey stamina, lack of strength
Strengths: quick in analyzing, Overexertion of energy (can be both advantage and disadvantage), tries to cover up his weaknesses


Beyblade: Tornado Liger 90RF is a bey that is faster than sound. It's attack is as ferocious as a lion's bite. It's power is supported by its speed from the tiger. 90 enbles it to make strong uppercuts.Tornado's 5 metal plates on each of the 5 wing make 25 contact points, which gives Tornado Liger defense and attack. Liger has mastered the element of wind, but it also has some earth attributes.
Other parts:
Power Level: 2903
DEF: 10
STA: 11

Beyblade Abilities:
Intelligent Analysis
Combat Teleportation

Technique List:

Advanced - Kaze Bunshin Afterimage Strike -
Liger makes clones out of his wind attribute and surround his foe with his clones. He then attacks the opponent with blinding speed

Ultimate - Sand Storm

Liger uses his earth moves to shake the earth and make the ground crumble to bits. then he uses his wind to grind the ground and turns it into a sandstorm.

Advanced - Earth Crumble

Liger smacks the ground and sends boulders high to the sky. It jumps up the boulders and then crashes to the opponent.

Ultimate - Liger Bomb

Liger jumps up to the air charges his energy and focuses it. He then comes down from the air to crash on another's bey, pinning him to the ground.

Biography: Born in Maxan Metroplex, he wanted to live a life like the mountain kids do so he and his family went to the mountains and lived there. 4 years after he returns to the city being better in his blading skills than ever before. There in the mountains he trained his liger by chopping wood for his dad and picking fruits for his mom by using his wind power. He also has a brother. He trained by using the wind to carve stadiums out of logs, balanced his bey through rivers, improved his beys poor stamina by climbing hills with it, and most importantly using the machines his dad made with wood to train even further.

BeyParts: Basalt and Phantom

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Joshua Myles Lim Empty Re: Joshua Myles Lim

Post by Gokuatruehero Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:39 am

+150PL High Quality Bonus
+50PL First Character Bonus

Accepted. Although, change the Maxan Metroplex, on the first part you said Kaiyous Mountain Range.

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