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Path of the Powerful Dragon

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Path of the Powerful Dragon Empty Path of the Powerful Dragon

Post by Gokuatruehero Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:46 am

Duel Against the Kami - 500 words - 1500 PL
You are also impressed with your growing skills, But, a blader suddenly pops out and challenges you to one-on-one combat, first to be knocked out is the victor. Wait, you seem to recognize him. Those bluish hair, red vest... It's the legendary blader! In his pocket is the phenomenal dragon! With the power you have gained, you just might have a shot. Bring your A-Game, if that's even enough!

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Path of the Powerful Dragon Empty Re: Path of the Powerful Dragon

Post by Gokuatruehero Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:13 pm

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Hans shouted, as Tundera attacked the nearby tree. It punched a hole through it. The ground crumbled due to the sheer display of power of Tundera. "We're finished for today Tundera." Hans stated. As he was about to leave, the training grounds of him collapsed, bringing him down to the forest. Hours later, he woke up and found out that he was asleep for hours, in a bed made of leaves. "Who made this-" stated Hans, but he was cut short because of the lingering pain from a broken ankle. "Dang." he said. He looked up, looking at how deep he fell. He stood up, and sat on a rock.

"I see you are awake." a voice spoke out. Stunned and alerted, Hans looked behind him, and saw a man who had bluish hair, red cap, red vest and yellow shirt. "Who is he? He looks familiar. I know I have seen him before." Hans thought. "So, any painful body parts?" the man asked. "Y-Yes sir! My ankle is broken I think..." Hans said, as he was snapped back to reality by the man. "Oh... It's not as bad." said the man as he took a look at Hans's foot. "It'll be back in a week." said the man. "E-Excuse me sir... May I know your name?" asked Hans. The man smirked at him and slightly chuckled. "Tyson. Tyson Granger." replied the man. Shocked, Hans didn't know what to do. It was the legendary blader!

"Y-YOU'RE TYSON GRANGER?! THE LEGENDARY BLADER?!" asked Hans. "Where did you go? The world is looking for the missing champ!" he added. "I live here." was Tyson's reply. "Where's Dragoon?" asked the curious Hans. "Here." Tyson put his hands inside his pocket, reaching for something. As he took it out, Hans saw that it was the great beyblade, the Dragoon MSUV. Tyson reached in to his back, grabbing a launcher and ripcord. He loaded it, and launched Dragoon. Immeadiately, it displayed awesome power. "Wanna battle kid? I'm itching for one." said Tyson. "Absolutely!" replied Hans.

Moments later, both guys stood at the open part of the forest. Both were serious. They took out their blades, loaded it's ripcord and launched it. "GOOOOOOOOO SHOOOOOOOOOOOT!" shouted Hans. "LET IT RIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP!" shouted Tyson. Tundera and Dragoon both landed on the ground, and immeadiately clashed with each other. "Let's go Tundera!!!" shouted Hans, as he charged up a thunderous gale attack. Tundera dashed towards Dragoon, but the attack was easily dodged. "To slow!" said Tyson. Dragoon, this time, came in for a counter attack. He slams himself to Tundera multiple times, Tundera was getting weak. "I'm not done yet!" Hans shouted, as he chraged up with his White Lightning and drove towards Dragoon. "Good Battle." Tyson stated. Dragoon flashed with a blue hue, after that, an explosion happened which sent Tundera and Hans skidding on the ground. Tundera, it's spinning has stopped. Dragoon and Tyson had launched their Finishing move against Hans and his bey, resulting in a fast loss for the two opposing side. Hans was clearly beaten. Tyson helped him up, and carried him to a nearby town.

WC: 522

Hans gained 1500PL! Tundera learned the attack "Thousand Thunderbolts"!

[Name] Thousand Thunderbolts
[Type] Ultimate
[Description] An extremely destructive, wide-range attack, widely considered to be among the most powerful lightning attack in existence. It is known to vaporize half of a floating boulder of 100m long and reduced the rest to melting slag.


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