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My Beyblade Review Channel

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My Beyblade Review Channel Empty My Beyblade Review Channel

Post by Mindgames Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:53 pm

So Yeah i was a former blader before i won 1st runner up in the team category in the old Mega Tournaments I still have a trophy used to use Driger S A Lot Smile but sold before when i was young Sad

So Yeah My Nephew joined a tournament just the other day at Glorietta 2 Toy-Town and i decided to get into blading again. So i bought a Berserker Begirados from the current series on T.V or is it about to show? Are There Tournaments with no age limit? i'm like 23 Very Happy

Anyways i've decided to make and start a review channel on youtube about beyblades,Strategy talks and tons of cool tips for beginner bladers and veteran bladers alike. I'll be reviewing the Berserker Begirados my First Beyblade now.

My Beyblade Review Channel Box

I'll be releasing my first Bey Review on January, So Subscribe Below.

My Beyblade Review Channel

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