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Proposing a tourney Empty Proposing a tourney

Post by Gokuatruehero on Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:45 am

To propose an event, you should post a new topic in this forum with the following information:

[Name:] The proposed name of the event.
[Date:] Approximate date you would like the event to take place.
[Venue:] Where the event will be held. If it's at a convention or other similar event, be sure to specify that!
[Expected Turnout:] How many people you expect to attend the event. Important note: You need to show a list of eight already confirmed participants for your proposed tournament.
[Format:] What play format you want to run the tournament as.
[Type:] Sanctioned or not.

Remember, the topic name and your name will be visible to anyone, but the contents of the topic are only visible to yourself and the BBPH Committee. If you submit all of this information correctly and have a strong plan, there's a great chance that your event will be approved.

Credits to the WBO.

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