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Miggz Caibal/MrAwesomEpic

Post by GemiosBlader10 on Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:24 am

Name: Miggz Caibal
Alias/Nickname: Jm, Miggy, MrAwesomEpic
Age: 12
Month and Day of Birth: June 8
Place of Birth:
Theme Song: I Came To Play - Downstraight.
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Wearing t-shirts/jerseys. Pants. Crocs. Ballers. Hair with Bench FIX clay-do. Rayban
Attire: Casual.


Alignment: Neutral Good.
Personality: Friendly.
Character Trait:
Weaknesses: 1. Cannot plan carefully. 2. Unsteady launching when facing others. 3. Slow thinking.
Strengths: 1. Friends. 2. Belief in myself. 3. Repeat.


Beyblade: MF-H Basalt Kerbecs F:S
Other Parts:
Power Level: 100.
ATK: 10.
DEF: 10.
STA: 10.


Beyblade Abilities:
Mode Change. Battle teleportation.

Technique List:
Heavy Metal Death-Strike.
Supreme Kerbecs bite.


Biography: A HS freshman. Bullied by his own team mates. Friends are mostly from another section.
Other: ---


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