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Post by Gokuatruehero on Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:54 am

[BANKEE] World Championship Qualifying Tournament Beyblade%20tournament

To All Beybladers Watch out for the Metal Fight Beyblade World Cup Qualifying Tournament
On February, the Pre qualifying Tournament is start on January 2012.

Participation Guidelines

*Open to kids no older than 14 years old on March 25th.

*Please present proof of age (birth certificate) and Beyblade entry in its original packaging.

*Usual top 8 is chosen for every competition and may choose their corresponding slot. Slots may vary depending on the number of registered participants and will be picked thru raffling out names, in case top 8 slots are not filled and whoever the lucky player to pick a slot which does not have a opponent he/she automatically move to the next round.

* We’ll be having a Grand tournament of on February 2012 (Venue & exact Date to be Announce) and the Chamion will have a chance to represent the philippines for the WBBA World Cup at Toronto Canada.

* Age catigory for the world cup will be 8 years old - 13years old.

[BANKEE] World Championship Qualifying Tournament Gingan10
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