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Kristoffer Hans

Post by PhantomMonkey554185 on Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:01 pm

Name: Kristoffer Hans Lim
Alias/Nickname: Hans
Age: 11
Month and Day of Birth: September 6
Place of Birth: Maxan Metroplex
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: A boy who is mostly taller than kids of his age.He has Chinese,Spanish,and Filipino blood.His hair is quite spiky after taking a bath but becomes shaggy and thick after it is dried. His eyes are quite big and are brown. He looks a lot like his dad.
Attire: He wears a white shirt, long pants and rubber shoes, but in some occasions he wears sporting shorts. In school he wears a yellow polo with a white undershirt,brown pants,and black leather shoes. He does not wear eyeglasses like his brother and he does not really like to wear a cap.


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Calm, sometimes hot-headed. Sometimes, when he becomes so close to winning a tourney and loses he gets mad but does nothing to hurt anyone. He wants to win and likes Stamina and Balance beys. His mood changes swiftly, sometimes he is grumpy and sometimes he is happy. He mostly is happy. He strives to be number 1 in his school. He does not stop in order to be number 1. Hardworking and cool. He likes to play beyblade with his classmates and his bro. He also likes to use the computer everyday, since he's kind of the geeky type.Aside from using the computer,he also likes to play video games.

Character Trait:Fiery: You will do whatever it take's to protect your friends and save the world from danger. Though, you do get a bit worried when losing, but you are never frightened and is always ready to battle again. No matter what disadvantages you faces, you never back down from a challenge.

Weaknesses: lack of strength in ripping,lack of energy,and Attack type beys

Strengths: His Beyblade,Good brains,and the ultimate power of his bey


Beyblade: Basalt Knight 230CS-A extremely heavy bey with a weight almost as heavy as a log.Its face has a picture of a helmet of a knight engraved in it and its clear wheel has four swords and two shields as its design.Its Metal wheel is super heavy while its track is super tall and its tip has a mixture of defense, attack,and stamina.
Power Level: 763
ATK: 15
DEF: 10
STA: 13

Beyblade Abilities: Intelligent Analysis:You can dodge an attack that would otherwise cripple your bey or will make you lose.
Combat Teleportation: The ability to teleport short distances in battle due to the bey's extreme speed. Can only be used twice in battle

Technique List:
[Name] Crushing Impact
[Advanced Move]
[Description] Basalt glows with blinding light as it stores up power then pins the opponents bey to the stadium wall with crushing might.

[Name] Time Hole
[Ultimate Move]
[Description] Basalt breaks several holes in the border of time and space and hits the opponent in a hole in which the opponents bey battles for 1 year in their time even if it has just passed 1 minute.


Biography: Born in Maxan Metroplex, his brother wanted to live a life like the mountain kids do so he went with his family to the mountains and lived there. 4 years after, he returns to the city with his family, being extremely better than before he came back. There in the mountains he trained his knight with his bro by chopping wood for his dad and picking fruits for his mom. He trained by sparring with his brother in stadiums made out of logs, balanced his bey through rivers, improved his beys defense by letting it take on boulders, and most importantly using the machines his dad made with wood to train even further.


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Re: Kristoffer Hans

Post by Gokuatruehero on Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:52 am

+200 Epic Quality Bonus
+50 First Character Bonus



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