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Hey, dudes... Empty Hey, dudes...

Post by Ely Buendia on Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:00 am


Name: Jericho Joseph Piamonte y Palmario a.k.a. "Ely Buendia"

Other Aliases: Einhänder, flamehaze13, shanahatescoffee, and Ibara Niji

Nationality: Filipino

Hometown: Malabon City, N.C.R., Philippines

Province: Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Occupations: Student, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Remixer, Photographer and Author

Interests: Anime, Music, Literature, Collecting(NBA Cards, Anime Stuff, Hot Wheels Cars, etc.), Gaming, Basketball, Travelling, Tamiya Mini 4WD, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and most especially, Beyblading Smile

Website: shanahatescoffee

E-Mail: jerichopiamonte@yahoo.com.ph


With the formalities aside, let me tell you guys something about myself...

As a kid, I learned to love Beyblade as well as the other toy crazes that hit my country during my childhood.

Fast forward to 2009... I was in my 4th year in high school when one of my classmates brang a couple of beylades and a beystadium to school. The feeling of nostalgia kicked in and soon, more and more of our batch salvaged and brought their beyblades too. We held tournaments every after class hours but with all of the schoolwork that a graduating student must do, our free time was depleted to the extent that we can no longer play anymore. Most of us thought the beyblade craze will never come back for a long, long time...

A few months later, while looking around at a toy store, I caught sight of those fabled spinning tops yet again and the rest was history...

I am currently assisting my younger brother as he is currently engaged in competative beyblade tournaments here in the Philippines.

So, there you have it...

Again, I'm Ely Buendia and it's a pleasure to become a member of this forum and to meet you all!!! =D
Ely Buendia
Ely Buendia

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Hey, dudes... Empty Re: Hey, dudes...

Post by Gokuatruehero on Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:25 am

Yay! Welcome back Ely! Dude, Thunder won against Mavericks.

Hey, dudes... Gingan10
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