Path of the Fiery Phoenix

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Path of the Fiery Phoenix Empty Path of the Fiery Phoenix

Post by Gokuatruehero on Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:30 am

100x Environment Workout - 300 words - 700 PL
The path to power is hard and to reach there you must increase your stamina. However, normal training isn't enough. By training yourself in high intensity, you can strengthen your body and boost your speed. The environment is hot and hard! Be careful.

High-Class Beybattle - 350 words - 1000 PL
No matter how much time you spend training you will get nowhere without real combat experience. However, there will always be stronger opponents in your way as you get stronger. Battle with the bladers to try and improve your skill.

The Fiery Phoenix - 400 words - 1200 PL
You went into the sacred mountains, which has the playful memories of battles past. While inside, you encounter a powerful Blader, who seeks to battle with you. It seems he is holding a bey with a Red Phoenix in it. He will not be pulling any punches and neither should you. But, how will you escape? He has attacked, counter him with all your might!

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