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Post by Pegasis MSUV 777 on Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:37 am

It's my old Champion Bladers Team!

The Members:
Blader Groups -

Josh Arvin Abrasado
Mikhail Aleksi Cid Duterte
Miguel Guido Angelo Rubica

Joshua Turpin
Joshua Myles Lim - me
Kristoffer Hans Lim - my bro
Mishael Romano
KreyTibong Uy
McAlvincent Jabagat
Adi Young
BeybladePotter ( Manila )
Renzo Ruiz

Leader: Joshua Myles Lim (leader of the whole team)
Vice Leader: Kristoffer Hans Lim (vice leader of the whole team)

Dipolog Blader Division:
Commander: Mishael
2nd in Command: McAlvincent

Dipolog Division Members:
Joshua Turpin
Adi Young

Cebu Division:
Leader: Krey

Renzo Ruiz ( also is roaming )

Manila Division:
Leader: BeybladePotter

*Note- Roaming means that we blade anywhere in the world not just in one place.

Retired members are not expected to blade anymore

Blader Classes:

X is the best
A is second
B is the middle class
C is the low rank

X -
Joshua Myles Lim
Kristoffer Hans Lim
MIshael Romano
McAlvincent Jabagat

A -
Joshua Turpin
Inaki Go Rivera

B -

C -

Pegasis MSUV 777

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