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Post by GemiosBlader10 on Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:02 pm

Date: Feb 8, 2012.

I think, going back into this site once more to check on “updates” around it. I think I just remembered those stuff happened last year. Me being a noob makes me totally outclassed with each and everyone in the previous BBPH site. Am just the only noob, thus, making me the weakest. Like not going to tourneys, not buying recommended Beys because of it’s price, and being the one with less intelligence. Months later, High school just began. I just left my YT like it was being banned from BBPH. And I never played Beyblade again, well, not really, I just played it once in a while. My very last Bey would be Basalt Horugium 145WD. While my lil bro got BBP and LDD as his last Beys. And, my mom really did mean it, it was our VERY LAST FOR LIFE (I guess…). Then, this day, days away before the qualifiers tournament for the World Beyblade Championship at Canada.

I, GemiosBlader10, Pledge to quit Beyblade. As for my YT account, I will still upload Beyblade videos. While my BBPH account will be active for as my job is to be a RPG Moderator.

Until Beyblade becomes popular again, and I have my own f’ing money. I’ll try to collect them.

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